Live Zoom Party Caricatures

Times are tough. Each day seems to blend into the next, and many of us cannot spend quality time with the ones we love. So, why not spice things up a bit?

Artist Pete McDonnell is now offering virtual caricatures for your next Zoom Party or digital get-together!

When you hire Pete, you’ll receive a custom caricature just like you would at a normal party or event, all from the comfort of your own home. Simply have an internet connection and a digital device (laptop, smartphone, or tablet will do) to get started!

How Does It Work?

Whether it’s a Zoom Party with your friends or a virtual event for your company, anyone, anywhere can receive their own custom caricature. Pete will draw your caricatures live from his studio, averaging at about 12-15 faces per hour, and then send the finished product directly to you via Dropbox. If you have a color printer available, you can also print out your caricature on the spot!

Here’s how a virtual caricature event works:

  • Once every member of your party has connected to your Zoom event, have each person position themselves in an area with good lighting.
  • Set up a schedule so that guests can take turns for their drawing. While one person is getting their caricature, you can hop off the call or stay on to chat with the artist and other guests at your Zoom Party.
  • Each drawing is created using a tablet with an art application. A monitor will sit behind Pete while he draws in order to show the progress of each sketch.
  • Once Pete has completed a caricature, he will send it either via Dropbox or email. If the guest prefers email, he will need their personal email address.
  • From there you can print out your caricature or download the digital version on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Hire Pete McDonnell Today for Your Next Virtual Event

Would you like Pete to create unique, custom caricatures for your next Zoom Party? Then contact him today to get started!