Navy Callsigns

These illustrations were commissioned by a group of Navy flight & weapons instructors who were interested in adding some personal touches to their classroom Powerpoint presentations with an addition of a caricature that showed their personalities in cartoon form, and in each case their Navy-given nicknames were included.

RSA Conference

I drew at two events for the RSA Conference in San Francisco; one was a happy hour party for RSA at the Intercontinental Hotel which was a digital caricature gig, the other was for Bugcrowd’s ‘Mayhem 2020’ social event at the DNA Lounge, one of San Francisco’s great SOMA nightclubs.

2020 + Digital caricatures

A new year, a new decade. I had an all-time high number of gigs last year, and I will continue to book digital gigs – last year I had four digital caricaturing events drawing on an iPad. Three were corporate gigs: Amy’s Organics, Google, and Salesforce, and another was a 50th Anniversary party. The drawings… Read more »

Graphic Recording Artist

Some of the best ideas are the ones that come with visual concepts attached. When I create the graphics and drawings in real time at a live brainstorming event, the clarity of the ideas becomes more apparent when seen with colorful cartoons and comic book styled graphics that promote a better understanding of the otherwise… Read more »

Citibank creative meeting

I was brought in to provide some visual stimulation to an off-site creative meeting with C-Space Consulting. The client was Citibank and the intention was to create some ideas on how the future of banking might change with the proliferation of digital and online banking apps and start-ups.

Winery wedding

St. Francis Winery wedding (8/25/2017) A wonderful wedding at a beautiful venue in Santa Rosa’s Bennet Valley. The weather was perfect, and the people were fun & friendly!